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Pixelgod: someone give this guy a job

I've just watched a short video of this photo...

Pixe God - car created in MS Paint - (c)

... being created in MS Paint. I'm absolutely amazed - this guy is a genius.

Freshers, sportos, Snakey B and endless pixel tweaking

Let's set the scene here: I'm sitting in a corner of the Sabb office. Somewhere behind my back and to the right, less than 30 metres away, the Waterhole is largely full of sportos (sports team members for the uninitiated) and Freshers. Most of them - especially the Sportos - are sampling the delights of Snakey B, a concoction of beer, cider and blackcurrant cordial capable (I lie not) of permanently staining stainless steel and everything else it comes in contact with.

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