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Bit of a work round-up...

Since one of this blog's remits is to let the students of Portsmouth University know what they're getting for their money by employing me, here's the, err, "highlights" of the last month's work:

The best Grad Ball website in the world? Maybe

At last, after many hours of work, arguments and "constructive criticism" (which, I suspect, narrowly avoided descending into fist-based negotiations ;o), the Graduation Ball 2007 mini-site is up and running, announcing the Scratch Perverts and The Cuban Brothers as the headline acts:

Grad Ball 2007 homepage

In work on a Sunday? You have *got* to be kidding me...

I'm ok with most aspects of work. I'm ok with working a 12-hour day in the office and then going home and doing another 4 hours in the comfort of my living room, in front of a good film with a cold one to hand.

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