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Two years late,

... and the end of the HE tunnel is approaching - tomorrow morning, on stage in front of a Guildhall packed with people, I'm going to trip arse-over-tit graduate from Portsmouth University.

And about time, too ;o)

Good luck to everyone graduating this week, have fun if you're going to the Grad Ball, and have a really good summer no matter what you end up doing, plus a special good luck to everyone who - like me - is having to take resits to get their "Hons".


More Twitter thoughts

Twitter is a way of posting mini-updates onto the interweb about what you're doing, and works in much the same way as Facebook's status, except you can do more with it. It's perfect for the narcissistic and bored; two areas in which I excel ;o)

I mentioned playing about with Twitter a little while ago, but never really got into it because I couldn't figure out how to pull the updates onto web pages, so I couldn't see how it would add value to a website.

Setting myself up for a fall? / Where's the info on the Grad Ball?

If you're wondering where the official Grad Ball announcement is... Well, it's kinda my fault that it's late.

Grad Ball: it's good to talk

This entry was written around the time the Union first issued the Grad Ball statement. To make sure I wasn't about to get myself sacked, I withheld publishing this entry until it had been checked to make sure it didn't contain anything it shouldn't, and to make sure - as far as possible - that the facts in the article are as accurate as possible.


Grad ball fun and and going Cold Turkey

(More off-topic pixellated goodness...)

So everything's pretty much returned to normal after the Grad Ball, apart from a couple of small piles of wood which once made up the beach bar thingy, and a mysterious roll of bamboo, in the sabbs' office...

Bring on the Perverts!

So tomorrow night is the Grad Ball. Adrian and myself have about 26 hours to pick out some tuneage to entertain the crowds with after the Scratch Perverts play their set, 'cos apparently we're playing *after* the Perverts in CO2, and Pure:FM have the pleasure of doing the warm-up.

Kubb out, Goldie Looking Chain in - woohoo!

Hooray! I can finally talk about the change of headline act for the Grad Ball!

We're no longer having Kubb, so instead, we thought we'd go not one, two, three or even thirty better, but no less than 9,145 times better, with Goldie Lookin Chain headlining the Grad Ball!

Official press release and news is coming tomorrow, but for the time being let me just say I'm chuffed to bits - it's going to be an awesome night now!!

:D /al

Little touches...

More boring non-news from the coal-face at the heart of the UPSU website. Or something...

First up, our SEF URL system - which lets us use URLs like "" instead of " com_content &task=view&Itemid= 123&id=blahblahblah... - has been fairly extensively hacked about, so we can now create pages with whatever URL we like, on the fly, and we can also go back and change the URL of existing pages.

First Dave Pearce, now the Scratch Perverts...

This year's been a record-breaker for the Grad Ball - apparently (and I'm happy to be proven wrong on this...), the Grad Ball has never sold out before. Not ever.

Big Brother's at it again - post hiding... and some CSS

(I must learn to write more interesting less terminally dull post titles...)

Today I've been mainly pushing php around the forums: one thing about open source projects is that, when you dig around in the code a bit, you find lots of hidden "extras" that, for one reason or another (lack of time to document, security concerns, lazy developers ... ok the last one is plainly wrong since noone would bother writing open source code if they were *that* lazy) never made it into the released product, or at least weren't fully exploited.

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