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What is it with Canada at the moment?!

Right now it seems that everywhere I look, Canada is a hot topic of conversation as a potential place to emigrate, the latest must-see freshly-emerging cultural hotspot, or "miscellaneous other" place of interest.

Got Firefox? Try our new Google search extension

If you browse the web using Firefox (and if not, why not? Get it here!), you've probably noticed the search box on the top-right of the Firefox window. You can add custom search engines to this list, so you can search a particular website straight from your browser, instead of having to go to the website you want to search first.

How big?!

Apparently, Google have over 30,500 pages indexed from

We have been busy...! (I think the figure's probably closer to a more modest 3,000 in fairness).


Advertising - a necessary evil?

As one of the people who put this site together, I have to admit I'm not particularly fond of the idea of having it's design perforated by adverts of all shapes and sizes because someone, somewhere thinks that loading up a website for students with adverts is a great way to sell something-or-other; as a budding web-geek (ok, I might be a little too long in the tooth - at least when it comes to the www - to be described as "budding") I'm conscious of the fact that most people don't visit a website to see the wonderful adverts; in fact, most adverts are (by their very nature), in

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