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Grad ball fun and and going Cold Turkey

(More off-topic pixellated goodness...)

So everything's pretty much returned to normal after the Grad Ball, apart from a couple of small piles of wood which once made up the beach bar thingy, and a mysterious roll of bamboo, in the sabbs' office...

Kubb out, Goldie Looking Chain in - woohoo!

Hooray! I can finally talk about the change of headline act for the Grad Ball!

We're no longer having Kubb, so instead, we thought we'd go not one, two, three or even thirty better, but no less than 9,145 times better, with Goldie Lookin Chain headlining the Grad Ball!

Official press release and news is coming tomorrow, but for the time being let me just say I'm chuffed to bits - it's going to be an awesome night now!!

:D /al

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