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Freshers' Ball: random is great (plus a few other updates)

The Freshers' Ball line-up - happening on Saturday 20th October - was announced today and I have to say that, with its diverse and slightly eclectic line-up, I'm actually pretty excited about the night. (Sorry for the little plug, but I'm only saying it 'cos I think it's true...!)

More Twitter thoughts

Twitter is a way of posting mini-updates onto the interweb about what you're doing, and works in much the same way as Facebook's status, except you can do more with it. It's perfect for the narcissistic and bored; two areas in which I excel ;o)

I mentioned playing about with Twitter a little while ago, but never really got into it because I couldn't figure out how to pull the updates onto web pages, so I couldn't see how it would add value to a website.

Freshers, sportos, Snakey B and endless pixel tweaking

Let's set the scene here: I'm sitting in a corner of the Sabb office. Somewhere behind my back and to the right, less than 30 metres away, the Waterhole is largely full of sportos (sports team members for the uninitiated) and Freshers. Most of them - especially the Sportos - are sampling the delights of Snakey B, a concoction of beer, cider and blackcurrant cordial capable (I lie not) of permanently staining stainless steel and everything else it comes in contact with.

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