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Big Brother's at it again - post hiding... and some CSS

(I must learn to write more interesting less terminally dull post titles...)

Today I've been mainly pushing php around the forums: one thing about open source projects is that, when you dig around in the code a bit, you find lots of hidden "extras" that, for one reason or another (lack of time to document, security concerns, lazy developers ... ok the last one is plainly wrong since noone would bother writing open source code if they were *that* lazy) never made it into the released product, or at least weren't fully exploited.

How NOT to do a film night...

... in one simple step: forget to connect up the centre channel on 5.1 surround sound.

The result? Since most of the vocals in a movie go through the centre channel, as well as most of the "on screen" sound, you get some strangely quiet actors.


Hoorah - comments work!

While I was pushing pixels around the forums yesterday, I remembered something a friend had mentioned about the way the authentication system on works. More out of luck than judgement I checked the code for the commenting system and, sure enough, the code that was needed to allow comments to be posted by non-Administrators was missing.

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