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Last PWs: busy!

There's a line of energetic, suntan-sporting, beach apparel-wearing students queuing outside the Union already - it's not even 8pm yet - reaching at least to the entrance to Blackwells. Meanwhile, the downstairs of the Union's pretty much full, and people are stacking up in the beer garden outside Waterhole.

Cheers everyone! Enjoy your night, and enjoy the last few days of the year :o) /al

End of days

It's half one in the morning, and I'm standing in the glare of a spotlight so bright, people watching me should be able to tell what I had for breakfast (a healthy sandwich, by the way. Who needs cereal?). In front of me, four boys and four girls are downing pints in a battle of the sexes boat race, and to my left, DJ Mark and Sidekick (sorry, don't know his name) are egging them on.

Yes, I'm back playing ents monkey - doing a bit of sound engineering/light operating/DJing/whatever-it-takes-to-make-it-work - for one night only.

The end of a (Ginger) era

Rich Roberts

Honestly, this is the best photo of Rich I could find...

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