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Getting fit, getting run over, work/life balance, and annoying everyone in the office (again)...

A few days ago I looked downwards and had to lean over my ever-growing
gut to see what shoes I had on (flip-flops, of course), so yesterday I
decided to make an effort to start getting fit. In all fairness, Ed
& Rep Sabb Andy Machin
was also starting his training regime, so I've really just stolen his

Self-defeating technology

I have an e-mail account - - which fires off an automagic reply to every e-mail it receives to say "thanks for getting in touch. We're lazy, so don't hold your breath waiting for a reply" (or words to that effect).


Comedy inboxes

My inbox has a sense of humour. I've just come home to find 311 e-mails from today I need to go through. That's not counting the 250-odd spam messages that have already been filtered out.

Hilarious. Still, you've got to laugh... ;o)

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