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A little bit easier...

While I wait for my bedtime cup of hot chocolate to cool down (and yes, that really is the time), I just wanted to jot down a couple of little changes that almost no-one will notice, even fewer people will use, and that I'm fairly proud of regardless.

Apple's "smug little twit" fired

While wandering around Digg dot com, I noticed this story about the guy who (used to) play the part of the Mac user in the Mac vs. Windows adverts Apple have been running (although they were more likely to be found on US rather than UK TV sets).


What are Digg,, and Technorati all about?

Digg, and Technorati are websites where you can quickly and easily bookmark (save a link to) web pages you like, usually just by clicking a link on the webpage you want to "save", or by clicking a button in your browser toolbar.

Most of these types of websites will let you keep your links list private, and all you need to sign up to most is a working e-mail address.

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