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A bit of a summery house mix for ya - funky, chunky, rough-round-the-edges house nuts

I haven't done much in the way of recording mixes lately, but I did have a chance to have a play about on the decks last week while I was setting up Lux for Orange Fridays. It's a bit/very (delete as applicable) rough round the edges 'cos I was trying to rush around doing other things at the same time, so if I was grading myself I'd probably rate it somewhere around "could do better".

Hope you enjoy it ;o)

How to listen

If you can see the player below, then all you have to do is click "play":

7 hours of house demos for your aural consideration

(Sorry about the gash title! ;o) )

I made it onto the decks for a couple of days last week and recorded some of my latest and favourite tunes on my favourite (and totally underused) toy - Final Scratch.

Bring on the Perverts!

So tomorrow night is the Grad Ball. Adrian and myself have about 26 hours to pick out some tuneage to entertain the crowds with after the Scratch Perverts play their set, 'cos apparently we're playing *after* the Perverts in CO2, and Pure:FM have the pleasure of doing the warm-up.

First Dave Pearce, now the Scratch Perverts...

This year's been a record-breaker for the Grad Ball - apparently (and I'm happy to be proven wrong on this...), the Grad Ball has never sold out before. Not ever.

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