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Aaaargh spam!

I know I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm getting bored of having a spam-bot trying to advertise websites offering videos and images of a certain, ahem, "type" of kinky activity. What's even worse is it seems to be happening more on one of my blog entries than anywhere else on the site - is it something I'm writing about? Something in my side bar's "about me" text?

Comments - almost ready...!

Well, it's been a couple of very long days. I've been tied up with the forums, blogs and commenting system. The forums and blogs have been seeing more pixel-pushing and a lot of sub-standard code has been re-written to improve the reliability of both systems.

The main bulk of today's work was getting the commenting system ready to turn on. The basics were already in place - people could write a comment and click a button, and an administrator could then decide whether they wanted it displayed or not.

Hoorah - comments work!

While I was pushing pixels around the forums yesterday, I remembered something a friend had mentioned about the way the authentication system on works. More out of luck than judgement I checked the code for the commenting system and, sure enough, the code that was needed to allow comments to be posted by non-Administrators was missing.

Comments - no freedom of speech?

I'm still having problems working out why only admins can post comments. It also seems that the person who wrote the commenting system (which is part of an open source project) is stumped by this problem.

The comments system is a very important one in my eyes because it means everyone can voice their opinion on a subject on the same page, instead of talking about it in the forums (although there's a good argument that drawing people into the forums isn't such a bad thing, either).

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