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A bit of a summery house mix for ya - funky, chunky, rough-round-the-edges house nuts

I haven't done much in the way of recording mixes lately, but I did have a chance to have a play about on the decks last week while I was setting up Lux for Orange Fridays. It's a bit/very (delete as applicable) rough round the edges 'cos I was trying to rush around doing other things at the same time, so if I was grading myself I'd probably rate it somewhere around "could do better".

Hope you enjoy it ;o)

How to listen

If you can see the player below, then all you have to do is click "play":

Chopper Harries, March 19th 2007 - listen again and download

Mix 1 - classic funk

Click the play button below, or right click here and select "save as" to download.

Chopper Harries - show tracklisting, March 19th 07

I'll try and get a copy of this mix uploaded soon if you missed the show and fancy a listen. You can tune in on Mondays from 7pm to 9pm at Pure:FM student radio.

My dirty secret: I want to be a Sabb...

Yes, it's true - I'm running in the 2007 Sabbatical elections.

I'm running for the Media & Publications position, because it's the area in which I have worked almost constantly for the last 4 years, and because I think I could probably do a fairly good - ok, a very good job of it.

That, of course, is assuming I don't insert my foot in my mouth any more than is absolutely necessary, that I don't upset too many people, and that I don't inadvertently break the rules due to me being daft.

Woohoo, I got me a Pure:FM radio show!!

Ok, this is a bit scary - I've just been told I have a radio show on Pure:FM, starting tomorrow evening.

So that gives me a mere 24 hours to prepare a house and chillout show. Should be interesting then... Eep!

You can listen online at - I'll be on from 7pm to 9pm, assuming nothing goes horribly wrong. I'll probably cheat for the first show by playing a mix I recorded last year for most of it as I have a ridiculously busy day tomorrow.

7 hours of house demos for your aural consideration

(Sorry about the gash title! ;o) )

I made it onto the decks for a couple of days last week and recorded some of my latest and favourite tunes on my favourite (and totally underused) toy - Final Scratch.

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