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This is, quite simply, teh awesome:

:o} is online - go take a look :o) screenshot (c) danielessex.comA friend of mine who, according to his Twitter feed seems to spend half his life going to excellent events, has set up a blog which he's cunningly called...

Do wander over and have a read when you have a chance.

Ross/Brand - how not to let a molehill become a mountain (version 2,137)

This thought-provoking blog entry by the BBC's Steve Bowbrick on how the BBC might have been able to avoid the media storm is well worth a look:

This is interesting for me: in my last job at Portsmouth students' union, I remember trying - and failing - to express as eloquently as Steve has exactly why openness in a crisis is A Good Thing, and this school of thinking - be open and honest with your stakeholders

Hero worship: Andre Jordan of A Beautiful Revolution

Insightful, witty, heartbreaking, funny, cruel, shocking, occasionally bordering on bad taste - A Beautiful Revolution is the work of 40-something Andre Jordan.

What is it with Canada at the moment?!

Right now it seems that everywhere I look, Canada is a hot topic of conversation as a potential place to emigrate, the latest must-see freshly-emerging cultural hotspot, or "miscellaneous other" place of interest.

Plagiarising Warwick Uni's good ideas

When it comes to looking for good ideas for UPSU Media, I don't think there's any shame in taking cues from other FE and HE media outlets.

Warwick Uni has a very large base of staff and student blogs on their webpages, with articles ranging from music to democracy and everything in-between. The content is also largely well-written (which makes a change to some of the gumph I spout on these pages ;o).

Taking away my toys... :o(

(This is a *really* boring blog entry, but I have to write it - sorry!)

With the impending arrival of the campaigning season, it's only fair to assume that any unfair advantage a candidate has should be taken away from them wherever possible. Unfortunately for me, given I have fairly wide-ranging access to, this means certain steps need to be taken to ensure I (or a "helpful friend") can't take advantage of this power by turning UPSU into a "Vote Alex" campaign.


Videos for everyone - add YouTube vids to your blogs has a new toy, which (I hope) will make it a lot easier to add a video to your blog, and easier for us pixel geeks to add videos to news and web pages.

Find out more here, and to see a really bad impression of Richard Hammond advertising a boot sale (... or something ...).


How (not) to post a video in your blog...

  1. Find a video you like on YouTube,
  2. Start a new blog entry, and think up an appropriate title (witty and/or attention-grabbing is better),
  3. Copy the handy HTML code provided by YouTube and paste it into the HTML editor in your blog,
  4. Click the "update" button to return to your blog's WYSIWYG view,
  5. Click the "save entry" button,
  6. Admire your...

Big Bother

(Off topic, and apologies for the title - it was the best I could think of...)

I've already said my piece about Celeb Big Brother's latest publicity ploy - the stirring up of a race row - but I think it's probably best left to a magistrate to put things into perspective, here.

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