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Bankwatch: Judge attacks "timewasting" Lloyds TSB

Following the latest on bank charges is becoming a tiny bit of a hobby for me now as - in common with millions of other customers - my bank takes more and more of my money in penalty charges to cover their "costs".

If you've read much of my blog, you might have spotted that a lot of my charges come from one charge taking me over my overdraft limit, with more charges piled on top to add insult to injury. Again, this is a common problem for lots of bank customers.

AJAX, weather, news and opinions

(This is another really, *really* boring blog entry. Why not Google for "noodle mining" instead of reading it?)

This is how the web should be...

This is awesome - a brilliant way of bringing different communities and groups of people together, pioneered by a group of Parisians. It's also exactly what I'd love to see on with Portsmouth's student population (and why stop there? Why not make it all-inclusive?).


Never lose your keys, toys, car, laptop, whatever, again?

(Off-topic. This isn't an endorsement or recommendation by UPSU - I just happen to think it's rather cool. And yes, I'm a gadget freak... ;o) 2006" vspace="0" hspace="0" align="right" src="" />I've just seen this mentioned on BBC news.


Publicity you can't buy. Thankfully...

With an eerie sense of timing, just as Alexander Litvinenko - the former Russian spy with an outspoken hatred of Russia's spying tactics - finds himself in the news after his apparent poisoning, this month's issue of Pugwash carries a story on the subject of the similarities between Russia's long-standing spying culture, and Britain's apparent move towards such a culture in the name of fighting terrorism.

"Security pointless" claim Pompey students's magazine today published an article on how home security is largely useless in the fight against burglaries, citing a study by the University of Portsmouth.

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