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OFT taking banks to court over unfair charges

Bank charges scam-watch: Natwest pays out

In the latest of the virtually unbroken series of embarrassing defeats for banks being pursued through the courts by customers sick of being hit with penalty charges - decreed as "unlawful" by OFCOM - Natwest bank has repaid

Bank Customer sends bailiffs into his bank...

I wrote a little while back about taking my bank to court.

Ever had a penalty charge from the bank?

(Off topic fun. Isn't it always these days?)

I've just been reminded by a friend that you can apply to reclaim any bank charges you've had in the last 6 years. For example, a direct debit for

A&L: I despair...

Firefox users: beware Alliance & Leicester online banking

(Kind-of off-topic in a pixel-orientated way, not to mention long-winded, rambling and - arguably - pointless ;o).

Checking my bank account today to see if a transfer I'd arranged between a couple of my A&L accounts had cleared, I was more than a little confused to spot no sign of the transfer, and a mysteriously overdrawn third account.

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