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OFT taking banks to court over unfair charges

No sh*t Sherlock: BBC reports bank charges 'crippling the vulnerable'

The BBC has run a 'Let's state the obvious' story today, as the National Consumer Council says the hidden costs of "free banking" should be investigated.


You're threatening legal action over *how much*, exactly...?

I've just arrived home to find this little paper package of joy on my mat (click to enlarge):

Comedy letter from BT Mobile

Bankwatch: bad news for claimaints as Lloyds TSB wins charge reclaim case

This isn't so good: it looks like the first significant resistance against the growing anti-bank charges movement has been encountered in the form of District Judge Cook, reports the BBC. A customer of Lloyds TSB, Kevin Berwick, was claiming

Bankwatch: RBS introduce

More evidence of the banks' cash-grabbing antics emerged today in a report by the Evening Standard, as they report that the Royal Bank of Scotland group (which includes Mint and Lloyds TSB) are introducing a

Bankwatch: Judge attacks "timewasting" Lloyds TSB

Following the latest on bank charges is becoming a tiny bit of a hobby for me now as - in common with millions of other customers - my bank takes more and more of my money in penalty charges to cover their "costs".

If you've read much of my blog, you might have spotted that a lot of my charges come from one charge taking me over my overdraft limit, with more charges piled on top to add insult to injury. Again, this is a common problem for lots of bank customers.

Bank charges scam-watch: Natwest pays out

In the latest of the virtually unbroken series of embarrassing defeats for banks being pursued through the courts by customers sick of being hit with penalty charges - decreed as "unlawful" by OFCOM - Natwest bank has repaid

Illegal bank charges - the BBC helps consumers start to bite back

(Off-topic. Again. Wonder when I'll ever do some work...? ;o) )

Ever had a penalty charge from the bank?

(Off topic fun. Isn't it always these days?)

I've just been reminded by a friend that you can apply to reclaim any bank charges you've had in the last 6 years. For example, a direct debit for

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