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(This is another really, *really* boring blog entry. Why not Google for "noodle mining" instead of reading it?)

Weather: where do I stick it?

UPSU homepage weather boxWhen I go to the UPSU homepage, I see things a little differently to most people because I have a couple of bits of content loaded in a "hidden" box - great while I'm working on new toys for the site.

Pipped to the post, sorta

(If you are one of Portsmouth's students who gets all upset at the mention of anything Southampton-based, you might want to turn off now...)

As part of my web-based paranoia, I spend an inordinate amount of time checking out other Students' Union websites. I mentioned how impressed I was with Cambridge SU's site a while back - pretty, accessible, fast to load and easy to find "stuff" on.

Using household cleaning products on

I always thought AJAX was some kind of Americanised Domestos thingy, but apparently it's not... It looks like a very useful way of letting us create more interactive webpages on, so I'm off to do some reading.

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