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Ok, wtf - is Facebook taunting me now? ;o)

Look, just because...

So that's how Facebook is making its money...

Warning: it's another rambling, terminally-dull, work-orientated (kinda) blog entry. Read this,* or this,* or this,* or this,* or this* if you're looking for something a whole load better ;o)

Pugwash gets RSSified, Blogs fixed, and more little touches

Pugwash RSS

In its first day of being online, Pugwash's homepage has had over 400 hits. Which is nice. on

(Don't read this - it's just another rambling stream of consciousness from me again...!)

We've just taken on board a new advertiser. let you find hotels at short notice in pretty much any place in Europe (and beyond I think).

MSN Messenger as a way of advertising?

A while back, one of the more technically-minded members of the UPSU team mentioned that there were people using MSN Messenger as a way of sending out advertisements. Naturally I assumed the worst and - choking on my instant coffee - decried it as a cheap way of spamming users of instant messenger programs, and another intrusion on peoples' privacy.

As usual, I slightly jumped the gun.

Advertising - a necessary evil?

As one of the people who put this site together, I have to admit I'm not particularly fond of the idea of having it's design perforated by adverts of all shapes and sizes because someone, somewhere thinks that loading up a website for students with adverts is a great way to sell something-or-other; as a budding web-geek (ok, I might be a little too long in the tooth - at least when it comes to the www - to be described as "budding") I'm conscious of the fact that most people don't visit a website to see the wonderful adverts; in fact, most adverts are (by their very nature), in

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