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KSS Postgraduate Deanery redesign and relaunch

The KSS Deanery homepage at launch
The Kent, Surrey and Sussex (or "KSS") Postgraduate Deanery is an NHS entity which coordinates the funding and training of NHS doctors from graduation to the end of their training. Their website, at, was based on an ageing and no-longer-supported CMS, and was beset by numerous problems which I outlined in a 70 page report in which I recommended switching to the Drupal CMS.

Key features

  • Using Drupal CMF with Views, CCK, Pathauto and numerous other modules to create an SEO-optimised, easily navigated and easily expanded site
  • SEO optimised, with canonical and highly "hackable" URLs
  • Single login linked to Active Directory via LDAP for auto-population of staff profile and contact information

More about this project

I started and ran a huge project to reassess and greatly improve the organisation's use of their website, which was based on an ageing proprietary CMS. The end result is a soon-to-be-launched implementation of the Drupal CMS, set up with a custom template which allows each department to add their own colours and branding to a standardised layout. I also ensured that staff were able to self-publish, setting up training workshops and publishing a number of guide documents which will form the organisation's website training. Key benefits include the creation of a much simpler, more powerful, and more extendable website, with a simplified publishing workflow, (non-technical) staff who are confident enough to manage their department's content without having to rely on a web designer to do the work for them, and a standardised and clean web presence which will grow with the organisation. I also implemented a mobile-browser version of the site, which is shown when a mobile browser - for example Blackberry, Symbian or iPhone - is detected. Please note that the live site may have changed since I last worked on it in April 2009. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question about this site.

The Classic Hair Company

Screenshot of the Classic Hair Company's homepage
The Classic Hair Company is a small hairdressing and beauty salon whose old website, a collection of pink-and-sparkly static web pages, was desperately in need of a make-over of its own.

Converting a static brochureware website into an easily-updated and highly search engine-visible website for an exacting client. Based on Wordpress, and using Google Apps to provide a robust and reliable web-based e-mail service, the site puts an approachable, friendly face on the company's online presence.

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