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Fordsport Car Club mini-site - single-page scroller site with Zurb-foundation base theme

The hero image on the Fordsport website.
The Fordsport car enthusiasts club is a relaxed, nation-wide way for owners of all makes of Ford, both performance and standard models. The owners wanted a simple-to-use website which let new members find out how to join or get in touch, and to help funnel traffic to their Facebook page.

This was a website build with very little in the way of specification or design; club owners Paul and Shelley don't have a technical background, so they asked me to design something which I thought would suit their needs. After a chat over a cup of tea to work out what materiel if any they already had - which turned up the club's logos and a stack of photos - we agreed that I would design a set of wireframes for a simple website which listed the club's activities, how to join, showed some photo galleries, provided a contact form, and linked to the club's Facebook page.

I used Balsamiq Mockups to draft the layout for a long scroller page, with each item of content sized to fit approximately 80% of the viewport on desktop browsers, so that visitors are encouraged to scroll down the page to discover more content, while in mobile-sized viewports, the content collapses to occupy less space, reducing the need to scroll unneccessarily.

With approval from Paul and Shelley for the wireframes, I then used Drupal 7 with the Zurb Foundation theme as a basis, creating content types for the homepage, galleries, a contact page, and regular content pages. The homepage template saw the most work as it rolled a custom content type - with uploader fields for large photos - together with some custom templates in the theme layer.

The feedback from Paul and Shelley was very positive, which is great news. :o)

Modules in use include: Administration menu, Administration views, Backup and Migrate, Better Formats, Block Class, Block Title Link, Boost and Boost Crawler, Breakpoints, CAPTCHA, CDN, Chaos Tools, Contextual Links, Dblog, a collection of Date modules, Disqus, Entity API, Fences, Field collection, Field UI, Gallery Formatter, Global Redirect, Google Analytics, a special-sauce Greyhead Customisations module, Hide Input Formats, HTTPRL to allow Boost's crawler to index pages using multiple threads, Image and a collection of image management modules, Imagecache and a collection of image handler modules, IMCE-WYSIWYG bridge and IMCE, jQuery Update, Lightbox, Logintoboggan, Metatag, Module filter for administration friendliness, Page Title, Pathauto (and the Pathauto Persistent State module), Picture, Real Name, Robots.txt, Search 404, Strongarm, Submitted By, Transliteration for uploaded filenames, Views and a collection of Views extensions, Webform, XML Sitemap, and a few other less-interesting modules to boot.

Hosting and administration: the site is hosted on a small Digitalocean "droplet" (about the size of an Amazon EC2 Micro instance), running a very vanilla LAMP stack, and administered using Webmin/Virtualmin. It has a free SSL certificate issued by StartSSL.

Mama Brasil Hostel, São Paulo, Brazil - mobile-first six-language Drupal 7 build

Portfolio image
While I was travelling in Brazil, I had this opportunity to design and build a fresh new multi-lingual website for the very lovely hostel I was staying in.

The site is Drupal 7, six-language, using a mobile-first responsive theme built on Zen’s base theme.

I worked with the owners of the hostel who had a vague idea of the kind of website they wanted, and knew enough of what they wanted it to do for me to be able to build a brief, a list of candidate functionality, and to produce designs based on the existing marketing flyers and branding the hostel owners had already had made.

The site uses quite a few Drupal contrib modules - here are the main highlights: Administration Menu, Administration Views, Module Filter for administration, Backup and Migrate, Better Formats, Block Class, Block Languages, Block Title Link, Boost and Boost Crawler, Cache Expiration, CAPTCHA, Chaos Tools, Content Translation, Contextual Links, CTools Custom Content Panes, Date API, Disqus, Entity Reference, Entity Translation, Fences, Field SQL Storage, Field Translation, Field UI, File, Footermap, Gallery Formatter, Global Redirect, Google Analytics, Hide Input Formats, Image CAPTCHA, Image Crop, Image Effects Text, Image Styles Admin, Imagecache Autorotate (and a few other Imagecache goodies), IMCE and WYSIWYG, Internationalization, jQuery Update, Language Switcher Dropdown, Lightbox 2, Link Checker, Locale, Localization Client, Login Toboggan, Menu Attributes, Menu Block, Menu Trail By Path, Menu Translation, Metatag, Multilingual Content, Node Clone, Page Manager, Page Title, Pathauto Persistent State and Pathauto, Real Name, Robots.txt, Search 404, SEO Checklist, Synchronize Translations, Taxonomy Translation, Token, Translation Overview, Translation Redirect, Transliteration, Twitter Block, User Mail Translation, Variable, Views, Views Slideshow, XML Sitemap, and a few others too!

The site is hosted on a small LAMP stack at Greengeeks, who do very affordable Drupal hosting.

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