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The Classic Hair Company

Screenshot of the Classic Hair Company's homepage
The Classic Hair Company is a small hairdressing and beauty salon whose old website, a collection of pink-and-sparkly static web pages, was desperately in need of a make-over of its own.

Converting a static brochureware website into an easily-updated and highly search engine-visible website for an exacting client. Based on Wordpress, and using Google Apps to provide a robust and reliable web-based e-mail service, the site puts an approachable, friendly face on the company's online presence.

Image of the 'cog' homepage
This was one of my first projects, involving the creation of a static brochureware website for Competition Transmission Services, a small racing and rallysport gearbox building company.

Creation of an attractive and friendly online catalogue and information resource for Competition Transmission Services, a custom gearbox building company based in Hertfordshire.

In-line with the company's customer service-orientated approach, a key component in the site's design was providing an easy-to-navigate information resource with a friendly "voice" aimed towards encouraging first-time and casual visitors to contact the company and talk directly to an employee, rather than to simply throw facts, figures and sales patter at visitors through the website.

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