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Why did no-one tell me about this??!

So I've been listening to a lot of Last.FM's chillout station lately, mainly as I still don't have my own laptop back, complete with all my stuff - photos, work, programs, music, porn...

Surviving Ibiza for 2 months without getting arrested, sold into slavery or turned into a sex slave? Done

Well folks, tonight's my last night on the White Isle, and I've got to admit I've got mixed feelings about going. On the one hand, pretty much everything's closed and everyone's gone home, so there's less than feck all to do out here now (not to mention the fact that I'll have nowhere to live come tomorrow night anyway!), but on the other hand I've now got to go back to London, sort out my shit, a job, some money, and somewhere to live.

Getting lippy...

Getting lippy...

"Get out of the fucking taxi so I can fight you, or I'll fucking glass you right there" shouted the irate London-accented man to my friend Neil*.

Rewind two minutes and my latest new friends Louisa and Neil had decided, after leaving it far too late to get a taxi to El Divino before their guestlist closed, that the only possible way of getting there was to jump in the front of the 40-string queue at the taxi rank at the bottom of the West End strip in San An.

You've not done Ibiza until you've missed your flight home... ;o)

Hola cheeky-cheekies! It's been a long time since I've actually gotten off my lardy posterior to let you know what's been happening on the madness that is the white isle, so this is probably going to be a helluva long update. Here goes... ;o)

Since I last wrote to you all, I've made it back to Ibiza, and blagged myself a job as a laughing gas sales monkey at one of the bars on the West End strip. The pay was 100% commission - 1 euro per balloon sold (each balloon is 5 euros), but it turned out to be one of the easiest jobs I've ever done:.

Crazy idea number 34,557: your thoughts are needed...

For those of you who are missing the updates from the white isle, there will be one along very shortly - I have LOADS of stuff to tell you about.

For those of you who hate being spammed by me, watch out: there's an update coming shortly, and I've got LOADS to annoy you with...

Photos: Circoloco @ DC10, 18.08.2K8


No photos, a bit more travelling, Clubland, Garlands, knife-point muggings at Ket Cove, The Only Female Policewoman, DC10? and Forgetting Sarah Marshall with pizza ;o)

Hola de España, cheeky-cheekies!


"You cannot bring camera in here," barked the neo-Neanderthal bouncer in broken English.

"Whuh?" was my eloquently-phrased reply.

"You cannot bring camera in here. You from Tillatedotcom?"

"Err, no, I--"

"You cannot bring camera in here, then" repeated the droid.


It was at this point that my evening photographing the Clubland night - featuring A-list superstars Kelly Llorenna and Flip 'n Fill (hey, there's no sarcasm here) came to a sudden and unexpected halt.

A(nother) 2-second Ibiza update

Hello everyone,

I promise this will be a 2 second update. Promise!

  • caught a beautiful sunset last night - pics on Facebook or on Flickr
  • Steph blagged me in to Es Paradis for Pukka Up last night.

My tuuuune of the summer: Knee Deep - All About Love

This is, without doubt, the soundtrack to my summer so far. Beautiful :o)

YouTube - Knee Deep - All About Love.


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