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Another geeky bootnote: Drupal's 'calendar popup' module breaks CSS in Internet Explorer

(I'm jotting a lot down here today, mainly work-related geeky notes to myself. Feel free to ignore... ;o)

This morning, while demo-ing the development site I'm working on at the moment, I was horrified to see that all the CSS had vanished, leaving me with a very bare and broken-looking site.

The problem turned out to be caused by Drupal's "calendar popup" module, and disabling that module seems to have returned everything to normal, but of course now I don't have a calendar popup on date fields. Very frustrating...

Geeky Drupal-related bootnote: 'HTTP status request fails' - fixed

I've been having a problem for the last couple of weeks with the Drupal website I've been working on where the webserver couldn't resolve any external URLs, which meant that the website couldn't check for updates, send e-mails, or access anything on the internet because it couldn't resolve web addresses through DNS.

Happy Crimbo :o)

Have a Happy Crimbo and a stonking New Year. Thanks for reading :o)

The hard part is keeping it...

After a soul-destroyingly long hunt, and possibly the most botched-up example of a job interview I've ever given, I've been offered a job for the next few months working with a division of the NHS on one of their websites, based at London Bridge. Yey!

I can't go into details about *why* I botched the interview - just believe me when I say I couldn't have stuck my foot much further into my mouth if I'd tried. Still, I got the job, so it can't be too awful... Unless they employed me with the sole intention of punishing me for the next few months.


Embarrassment: when your portfolio says all the wrong things about you... ;o)

(Geeky stuff ahead) When you're applying for jobs as a web designer, it would seem logical to make sure that it shows you in a good light.

Ross/Brand - how not to let a molehill become a mountain (version 2,137)

This thought-provoking blog entry by the BBC's Steve Bowbrick on how the BBC might have been able to avoid the media storm is well worth a look:

This is interesting for me: in my last job at Portsmouth students' union, I remember trying - and failing - to express as eloquently as Steve has exactly why openness in a crisis is A Good Thing, and this school of thinking - be open and honest with your stakeholders

Faceberk: you need this in your life

... or, more accurately, on your back - click through the image to buy the Very Reasonably-Priced (and possibly abuse-causing) hoodie:

Tuneage for sale!

Records - for sale, or for keeps? by alexharries on

I'm slowly listing my whole vinyl collection for sale on

Ok, wtf - is Facebook taunting me now? ;o)

Look, just because...

Random: fireworks wallpapers for download

Fancy some new wallpapers?

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