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Well, I'm not going to write much here since there's not a huge amount to tell, but I've been busy working on a few different things which I'll jot down here so (a) I don't forget them and (b) you know I'm actually earning my pay!

First up, *blogs (aka diaries) and user profiles* - tonight Matthew, I've mainly been...

2 more annoyances: "latest blog entries" links

Click a link on the right in the "latest blog entries" list and your blog entry is displayed in the news section. Oh no no no, this just won't do.

I need to modify mod_latestnewsenhanced to allow overriding of the itemid (this has been noted for a while).

Also need to:

- hack com_mamblog to correctly report a page title - none shown in the address bar

Another blogs annoyance! (Two in fact)

1: The homepage/preview/summary doesn't show line breaks. Nice idea, but in practice it makes the summary look a bit too solid when we're previewing so many characters.

2: com_content hacks - I've mentioned these before. How would one detect the use of the Mamblog system and hence modify output into a blog-friendly stylee? Answer: check the $_REQUEST["option"]=="com_mamblog" I guess...?!


Blogs: quick note to self re. users' links

... if I add a (private) textarea to the users' blogs, which can contain HTML, and by default contains a sample string, I can then create a module (or edit an existing module) which detects when a single user's blog is being displayed and show that link list. Need to ensure all <?php tags are removed!!!!

Also want to add a link to each of users' posts when not viewing a single user's blog entries to allow visitors to see more from that user.

What else can we include?

Latest progress on the blogs

... and things left to be done.

To "blog" is the term used to describe the keeping of an online diary. The idea seems like an eternally boring one to many people, but blogs *can* be very useful.

With the UPSU blogs section, we are trying to create a feature on the site that allows anyone to keep an online diary, or "blog". Every registered member on the site has a profile page, linked into their forum posts, and this page also lists a bit about them and their blog entries.

Advertising - a necessary evil?

As one of the people who put this site together, I have to admit I'm not particularly fond of the idea of having it's design perforated by adverts of all shapes and sizes because someone, somewhere thinks that loading up a website for students with adverts is a great way to sell something-or-other; as a budding web-geek (ok, I might be a little too long in the tooth - at least when it comes to the www - to be described as "budding") I'm conscious of the fact that most people don't visit a website to see the wonderful adverts; in fact, most adverts are (by their very nature), in

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