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Patience fail: one very smashed laptop (mine)

Ok, you might have noticed my Twitter updates (1st, 2nd, 3rd) a few days ago where I mentioned a broken laptop.

has just been woken by a massi...

has just been woken by a massive thunderclap in rainy Surbiton!! :)


is eyeing up G5 PowerMacs (bor...

is eyeing up G5 PowerMacs (bored and lonely while other half is in a foreign country - company fail)


@IndywoodFILMS The Thin Red Li...

@IndywoodFILMS The Thin Red Line - it made me cry because it was so long that my bum went to sleep. Interminably dull too ;)


@MelKirk What, you mean Glasgo...

@MelKirk What, you mean Glasgow doesn't all look like the set of Trainspotting?


is testing his Twitter-to-blog...

is testing his Twitter-to-blog integration tool thing (yes, I'm bored ;o)


has decided to skip the @ports...

has decided to skip the @portsmouthsu Union changes protest thanks to stomach's decision to implode. Under-cooked eggs fail, no-sleep win.


@purefm well done on society o...

@purefm well done on society of the year :)


I'm officially a non-smoker - yippee!

Having smoked for more than half my life - about 14 years - I wasn't really seriously expecting giving up smoking to be seriously possible for me, let alone very easy.

Imagine, then, my shock that, just under five weeks ago, I stubbed out my last cigarette on my afternoon trip to the shops from work, and said to myself "I am now a non-smoker. Yippee!".

I may even have put on a squeaky voice for the "yippee!" part, although I said it in my head to avoid strange looks from passers-by.

I haven't used gum or patches, or any other nicotine replacement therapy.

is going to be in Portsmouth o...

is going to be in Portsmouth outside Portland building at 12pm tomorrow. You? :)


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