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I'm a busy monkey right now; I left my job last Friday, I moved out of my flat the Friday before, I've put all my worldly possessions on eBay or into storage, have had a number of jabs for diseases I hope I never catch, and am getting ready to live off four t-shirts, four pairs of pants, a pair of trousers and some flipflops for somewhere between one and six months. Maybe longer. Maybe less long if I really don't get on with the culture shock.

I must get to bed now - tomorrow I'm going to be trying to make my lovely new bergen look like it's totally worthless and uninteresting to thieving types with the help of some spray paint that looks like dirt and plenty of duct tape. Ahh, the life of the traveller...

Here's a bit more about my plans, and how you can contact me in case you need to :).




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