Recommended plugins: Flickr Manager and Twitter Tools for Wordpress

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(Warning: geeky blog ramblings ahead...)

The frequency of my posts on this blog tends to fluctuate from sometimes several a day to a more-common one every six months.

Strangely, though, the most random things inspire me to write on here. Recently, I've been spending more time on Ken Rockwell's excellent photography website - it's packed full of expert advice and tips (and the occasional unbiased praise for a certain computer manufacturer, although it's entirely justified praise in my humble opinion).

Seeing a site which is updated at least once a day by someone whose life is obviously taken up by their job, family and all the other miscellany that goes with them, and still has time to update a website with interesting content, always reminds me that there are literally loads of things I'd like to ramble on about on this website.

Not, of course, that I'm assuming anyone wants to read it, but still, I should write it down, mainly just in case I forget, more than for anyone else.

I've also been trying to tie my life together a bit more. I use Twitter (in fact I use it much more than I update this blog, since a 140 character limit is much less daunting than no character limit), and I've linked my Twitter account to my Facebook status updates, so I can annoy my friends on Facebook through Twitter's text message update service.

I also post my favourite photos on my Flickr photo stream and, while I'm not entirely happy with the idea that every photo I post should appear on my blog (I sometimes use Flickr to host random photos, like things I'm selling on eBay, for example), I like to be able to integrate the two a bit more.

Step up Twitter Tools and Flickr Manager.

Twitter Tools basically allows you to update your Twitter feed with a notification when you write a new blog entry, and it can also post to your blog when you update your Twitter feed. It also uses some clever black magic (or it could just be a PHP string comparison...) to allow you to turn on both these options without ending up in some kind of black hole-creating feedback loop.

Definitely worth a look - you can find out more on the Twitter Tools Wordpress plugins page.

[caption id="attachment_1154" align="alignright" width="177" caption="Flickr Manager button in the Wordpress editor"]Flickr Manager button in the Wordpress editor[/caption]

Flickr Manager is also a lovely bit of code. It adds an extra button to your Wordpress media toolbar, and clicking it pops up an interface very similar to your "add image" popup. It can resize your photos, lets you add captions, and generally makes life very easy if you don't want to have the hassle of uploading your photos to Flickr, and then having to upload them to your blog as well.

Find out more on the Flickr Manager Wordpress plugin page.

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