Crazy idea number 34,557: your thoughts are needed...

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Righto, on to the thing I want your opinions on: walking back from the beach this morning in the glorious Ibizan sunshine (oh, sorry, sunshine you ask: it's that hot bright yellow thing which you don't see much of in August in the UK...), a thought occurred to me.

What if, instead of simply packing a bag and hopping on a plane at the end of my time in Ibiza, I saved up a few quid, bought a bike, and had a go at cycling from Ibiza to the UK?

Google Maps reckons it's just under 1,100 miles, so I reckon I could probably do the journey in around two weeks. If everything works out here, that would mean the middle of October, so the weather wouldn't be *too* hot or cold (except across the Spanish/French border mountains).

Then I thought, what if I did it for charity? Would I be able to organise enough people to sponsor me to make it worthwhile, and would I be able to make it even as far as the San An ferry port (about 400 metres, downhill) before my tar- and nicotine-infested lungs packed up and exploded?

You can find a map of the route here:

Let me know if you think I'm:

a) stupid
b) crazy
c) annoying - please go away
d) all of the above
e) a Pot Noodle

Much luv,


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Simon (not verified) wrote 7 years 10 weeks ago

that is all of the above mate,
Do It.
no-one ever lived a full life telling the tale of how they 'almost' did something :)

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