A(nother) 2-second Ibiza update

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Hello everyone,

I promise this will be a 2 second update. Promise!

  • caught a beautiful sunset last night - pics on Facebook or on Flickr
  • Steph blagged me in to Es Paradis for Pukka Up last night. Some cheesy tracks but good fun :o) Also got a card from the Pukka Up top photographer chap, but he seemed less than impressed at my messiness, and then I dropped his card on the floor in front of him, so I won't be expecting a call back when I e-mail him... ;o)
  • Steph's also blagged me in to Es Paradis tonight for Clubland. More cheesyness, but SHE'S GOT ME PERMISSION TO BRING THE CAMERA IN! Get in!
  • I've quit the photography job. The boss was, in all fairness, a total arse (those of you who have had to work for or with me in any capacity will no doubt be laughing at the irony of this karmic treatment by the Gods. What can I say... ;o)
  • I've got to pop back to the YooKay this weekend to tie up a cock-up of mine. I may or may not be able to come back out to Ibiza, so I'm trying to enjoy the last couple of days here before it all goes Pete Tong... :o)

Hope you're all well wherever you are!

Al & Steph

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