A 2-second Ibiza update... ;o)

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Hello everyone!

Here's a lightning recap of the last few days, 'cos I know you're all *really* interested (note: this is sarcasm, ;o)

Steph and I have moved into our new apartment, which is right above the fabled Ship Inn (Ibiza workers' central). We've got free interweb (blagged, of course) and are right opposite UPmarket, one of the bigger ticket sellers-cum-bit of everything shops in Ibiza.

Steph's doing a trial selling Clubland tickets tonight, and did a PRing trial for one of the strip clubs in the West End the other night. I think she's dropped the Shades PR gig now - not a bad thing, 'cos the place is in a nightmare location for getting customers through the door.

I did my first night selling photo keyrings in the West End last night. The photo printer is set up in a back-room in That Bar, a room whose decor reminds me of the prison cells from Midnight Express (i.e. grim, for those of you who haven't seen the film). The basic idea is that Luis (the boss) does his salesman/David Bailey thing (fussing about where people are standing or sitting and generally overdoing the Customer Feng Shui aspect), while I try not to look too embarrassed and get a good photo, keep track of the orders, and then run back to my prison cell/photo booth and print up the keyrings before people get bored and wander off.

Still, he's paying my wages, so I'm not arguing. Yet!

More importantly, GOOD NEWS! Carla at Ibiza Voice got in touch this afternoon and asked whether I wanted to photograph the DC10 opening parties on the 15th and 18th August. As you can imagine, I deliberated long and hard... For about 2 hundredths of a second, and gave her a resounding "f*** yes" so, unless she changes her mind, I should be off for My First Photography Gig where I might actually get paid (and, let's face it, it's DC10, so even if I don't get a penny for it, it'll be a good night).

Right, it appears that I lied about this being a 2 second update, so a huge apology to Jade for making you jealous again, and to everyone else out there who isn't in La La Land, I hope you're all peachy-good :o)

Big luv,

Al & Steph


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