Two to watch out for: Julien Jabre and Hott 22 (plus a couple of others...)

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I've just discovered Julien Jabré's beautiful "Swimming places" track on the MoS chillout CD and it's definitely another one I heard on the Space terrace in 'beefa. Luvly. :o) DJ Owen Clarke on has this to say about it:
"Without doubt the most stunning track of the year so far! I was a bit slow picking up on this as it was originally released on French label Elias about 8 months ago. Simple crunching drums coupled with a repetitive heart beating bass line drive this track along nicely, together with a tinkling piano hook that really gets into your head! The instrumentation and arrangement is top notch and betters with every listen. This is reminiscent of those early Frankie Knuckles supreme instrumentals with added spice for 2006... definitely one for the ladies!! The Jerome Sydenham mixes are cool and deep with a slight euro feel.... perfect for watching the sun rise on an Ibizan morning!"

I've also got a bit of a thing for happy, handbag, Hed Kandi'd house, so I'm really liking Hott 22's summery "No promises" at the moment, too, as heard on the Hed Kandi Mix 2008 compilation. You can grab this one from, too ;o)

Other tracks I'm loving at the moment include:

Two new mixes should be coming this week, and - boohoo - I'm selling my decks and Final Scratch. Noooo!! :o(

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