Hero worship: Andre Jordan of A Beautiful Revolution

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Insightful, witty, heartbreaking, funny, cruel, shocking, occasionally bordering on bad taste - A Beautiful Revolution is the work of 40-something Andre Jordan. Most of the content consists of striking pen sketches, telling stories of his day-to-day life (frequently touching on his hopelessness with women - something I can empathise with only too well... ;o).

I've been a reader of the site for a year or two now, but never knew any more about the author until now, 'cos I just stumbled across this interview on the BBC's Ouch disability website: BBC - Ouch! - Close Up - 13 Questions: Andre Jordan.

He also turns some of his work into artwork for sale, and if I was in the market for some artwork, this would be where I'd spend my money first. If I had any money, of course.

Well worth a look - seriously, go check out the interview, and then his website, now.

BBC - Ouch! - Close Up - 13 Questions: Andre Jordan

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