Greyhead's house podcast: a little bit chunkier

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Audio worship, Pacha

Another day, another hour of chunky electro stuff, featuring Jesse Garcia, Tocadisco, D Ramires & Mark Knight, Pryda, Mar-T, Miles Dyson, Enrico da Rosa, Wolfgang Gartner, Nastydirtysexmusic and the Plump DJs :o)
How to get this mix


  1. Jesse Garcia - Ibiza (original mix)
  2. Tocadisco - morumbi (Popof remix)
  3. D Ramirez & Mark Knight - columbian soul EP (columbian soul)
  4. Pryda - muranyi (original mix)
  5. Mar-T - gentlemen (John Dahlback remix)
  6. Miles Dyson - anthem (original mix)
  7. Enrico da Rosa - mosquitos malditos (Rishi Romero & Nikolai Dimitrov Fuego Remix)
  8. Wolfgang Gartner - get it (original mix)
  9. Nastydirtysexmusic - nastydirtysexmusic
  10. Plump DJs - system addict

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Luke (not verified) wrote 7 years 13 weeks ago

Sounds good Al i like it,


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