Photography fun at Jongleurs

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Yesterday evening was spent at Jongleurs nightclub in Portsmouth's rather-upmarket* Gunwharf Quays taking some pics.

Jongleurs Portsmouth, 12-07-2008 - 23

It's my first time using the D50 in a nightclub, and - photography geek mode on - I seemed to get better/more consistent results from shutter priority mode than I did using full manual, although I'm going back there tonight to see if I can improve things.

Jongleurs Portsmouth, 12-07-2008 - 36

Jongleurs Portsmouth, 12-07-2008 - 40

Out of the 400-ish pics, I've got 80-or-so which aren't too bad, and you can find them here on

Jongleurs Portsmouth, 12-07-2008 - 38

Note to self: remember to pack the second bloody battery this time. Numpty... Anyway, here's Freddie playing us out with some Shoe-Hat...

Jongleurs Portsmouth, 12-07-2008 - 48

* That's a subjective analysis - your experiences of Gunwharf may vary ;o)

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