What is it with Canada at the moment?!

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Right now it seems that everywhere I look, Canada is a hot topic of conversation as a potential place to emigrate, the latest must-see freshly-emerging cultural hotspot, or "miscellaneous other" place of interest. Why this is, I have not a clue - and I don't mean this in a disparaging way, just that I simply have never noticed this level of pro-Canuck propaganda before.

The latest example in this apparently never-ending onslaught of glowing recommendations for the land where, so I'm told, every family has a penguin (presumably carrying out largely similar duties to British butlers of yesteryear...) is a move by PC Copperfield (of The Policeman's Blog fame) from the UK's police service to Canada's, which he reports glowingly on here.

Anyway, the point of this entry, if there is actually a point, is this rather disturbing article in the Daily [Hate] Mail which attempts to bring some balance back to the Canada argument in a rather blunt manner. I think you can probably judge what I mean by "disturbing" when I tell you that the article's author, none other than Philip Delves Broughton - a man whose name is possibly the poshest thing I've seen all day, imparts to his readership the "fact"* that beavers, the animal which represents Canada (much like Britain's lion, Mr Broughton tells us with great emphasis), are known to bite off their own testicles.

Classy stuff... Anyway, a Happy (belated) Canada Day, and to take your mind off that nastyness, here are some excellent pics of Montreal by David Giral on Flickr.

* In quotes because I can't bring myself to do a Google to find out whether beavers actually do maim themselves in this way. I mean, c'mon, it's horrible enough just to think about it... Ew.

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Laura (not verified) wrote 7 years 7 weeks ago

I have never heard of that phenomonon...with the beavers I mean.

However, as for the pro-Canada liturature/ramblingd, that's for a reason. Canada rocks! (Bored at work...obviously!)

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