A question of perception

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One thing in Ibiza last week which reminded me how fascinating clubbers can be is how people respond to randoms approaching them in nightclubs. Take, for example, the responses when a girl is approached by a guy - in this case, "the guy" in question was none other than myself, a messy, grinning, glowstick-wielding mess:

The Spanish

  • Me: "Hellooooo!"
  • Her: "Hi! :)"
  • Me: "Paul Van Dyk is a legend!"
  • Her: "Yeah! What's your name?"
  • (Conversation ensues)

The French

  • Me: "Hi! What's your name?"
  • Her: "Hello! I'm Corinne. What's your name?"
  • Me: "I'm Alex. This night is f***ing amazing!" (Ok, so I'm embarrassingly enthusiastic about good tunes)
  • Her: "Yeah!"
  • (Conversation ensues)

The English

  • Me: "Hi!"
  • Her: "I have a boyfriend" (cue frosty, evil glare)
  • Me: "Ooooooooooookayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...."

Have I missed something here? Or are some people seriously this enamoured with themselves?

Very odd... ;o)

(p.s. I'm thinking that option 2 is the best plan at the moment...)

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