So what next?

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Greetings from sunny... err... Portsmouth. I'm back in the UK and, no, I didn't decide to stay out in Ibiza for ever and ever and ever and... Well, you get the idea. Photos 'n vids coming shortly ;o)

So I'm now faced with something of a dilemma. I finish my term in office in Portsmouth at the end of July and, as things stand at the moment, I don't have any commitments, or a new job to go to... In fact, I've got a pretty clean slate to begin with, so I could do with some ideas on what to do next.

So far, these are the main options...

  1. Do the whole Trainspotting thing. No, I don't mean developing a heroin habit and living in a council block in Glasgow - I mean the whole "choose life" thing - move to London, look for whatever job I can get (preferably one where I can pay off my ever-mounting pile of debts). Pros: regular employment, salary, possibly interesting positions related to my degree and experience. Cons: become a wage slave, trade in my freedom of choice and the chance to live somewhere more interesting than London for financial commitment and a career (not necessarily a bad thing though)...
  2. ... Go back to Ibiza, try to get a job - any job - and live below the poverty line. Pros: live in the party capital of the world with several thousand other bods, in a great atmosphere, and have a lot of fun. Cons: being poor, my sketchy knowledge of the Spanish language, the possibility it could all go horribly wrong...
  3. ... Do something else, somewhere else. Start sending my CV all over the world, trying to find a job based around my qualifications. Pros: could end up somewhere really interesting, and could end up being paid very well. Cons: could end up somewhere really rubbish, and could end up having to sell a kidney/limb/my body to be repatriated.

Right now I'm thinking 2 or 3 instead of 1 (which will no doubt upset Ma 'n Pa who are still awaiting the repayment of the


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