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Going through my cameraphone photos - almost a year's worth - I found this pic of a rare OS X "kernel panic" on my laptop, which is the computer's way of saying "that's it, something's gone massively wrong and I've had enough. If you're stupid enough to want to keep going, be my guest, but you're going to have to reboot me first"...


Not having experienced this on a Mac before, I guess that's one of the
warning signs a more experienced (or geeky?) owner might have attributed to what was about to happen next. Unfortunately for me - but brilliantly for you if
schadenfreude is the only thing that gets you through the day - I took
no notice of this warning sign.

The photo was taken on February 14th. A few days later, my laptop's hard disk karked it in spectacular style.

Ah well, you live and learn... There's another 82 random photos in the set including a couple of excellent bits of graffiti that made I chuckle (which I'll write a separate post about shortly). Bored or suffering insomnia? You can find the rest of the pics here on Flickr :o)

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