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The Union Council report of a Media & Publifications Numpty, aged 19 and 36/4...

This month, UPSU’s media bods have mainly been focusing their attention on…

Pure FM

  • The 24-hour broadcast is looming - as February’s Union Council happens, the broadcast will be underway, with charity fund-raising eBay auctions taking place every hour throughout the day. Tune in!
  • The Pure FM Masterclass - with radio professionals including Radio 1’s BB Aled - is pretty much booked up now, and everyone’s getting ridiculously excited at the prospect of seeing Real Live Celebridees talking radio… ;o) Well done, Pure!

Pugwash magazine

  • Issue 3 is out - well done to the team for working so hard on this issue, especially as the end-of-semester period is horribly packed with exams and coursework deadlines, so huuuuge thanks go to everyone who worked so hard. You can pick up a copy around campus now, visit to download it, or drop into the Union to get yours!
  • Distribution of the magazine has been good again, although I think there is a general awareness that we can be more proactive in getting the magazine to a wider audience - watch this space!
  • Thanks go to the Pugwash team for their extra hard work in re-jigging the magazine to take into account the change in space availability due to advertising.

Pugwash News & PWs newspaper

  • Issues 9 and 10 came out on deadline (although issue 10 then went back in, had a think about it, took off its front cover and came out again…) and both issues received widespread distribution.
  • Issue 9 was also a first as we had advertising for the first time - woohoo!
  • Sadly, issue 9 fell victim to a very unfortunately-worded article, which resulted in us having to print a full apology and retraction to the University. Here’s what I had to say about this matter in my editorial in issue 10 of the newspaper:“You may have spotted that the front covers from the last issue were conspicuously absent. As you may also have spotted, this issue carries a sincere apology to the University from the Union, relating to the article printed in the last issue which we had to cut out. The last two weeks have been very stressful for a number of the newspaper team and Union staff, as we worked hard to put new systems in place to try to prevent any reoccurrences of the problems which beset that issue.
  • “As Media & Publications Officer I want to extend my thanks to all the staff and students involved with the Union, and the staff at the University, who have shown a great deal of patience and understanding while we worked to fix our mistakes, and I am happy that we can now move on with a lot more confidence problems like this one should be avoidable in the future.
    “Once again, many thanks to everyone involved for working so hard this issue, and I hope you as our readership haven't lost any faith in the Union's youngest publication just yet.”

  • As a result, a new system for tracking content submissions has been put in place for both publications, and is mentioned below...

Contributor teams - features, news and reviews

  • Pugwash and Pugwash News are both supplied by the same three teams of news, features and reviews bods. Due to the newspaper’s issue 9 problems, we have a funky new paper-based tracking system which has - understandably - caused a lot of headaches for the editorial teams as we work together to put theory into practice. However, despite having only three days’ warning and a lunatic sleep-deprived MAPO to guide them, everyone involved in issue 10 of Pugwash News managed to put out a great issue, and one which I intend to be one of our candidates for the media awards this year, so - again - a huge thank you to everyone who worked so hard :o) and other online goodness

Nothing much to report here...

  • We have a funky new “rotorvator” thing which does geeky pixellated magic on the homepage, the Social:Life section ( has had a revamp, the biggest-ever elections minisite ( is online, and we have a videos page ( and which will be playing host to the bazillions of videos I’m hoping to be able to produce during elections and as we digitise the hundreds of hours of video footage we’ve accumulated over the last couple of years.
  • Loads of photos of the Refreshers’ Fayre can be found on our new galleries - at - and on our Flickr pages - at
  • … and a couple of videos of the Refreshers’ Fayre can be found on our videos page - at and at - enjoy!
  • The Union also has a Facebook fan page, which you can find by typing in - very bling…
  • … and a similarly bling “I’m voting in the UPSU Elections 2008” Facebook badge application, which you can find on our Facebook page.

UPSU Media in general

  • With elections fast approaching (as I type this, there seems to be veritable pile-up of people filling out candidate pack forms in the Sabb office), we have cautiously agreed to invest in a brace of highly-recommended hard-disk video cameras to capture reams of elections footage for the purpose of a) posterity, and b) candidates’ embarrassment. Of course we don’t want to embarrass candidates. But when they do funny things, I’m hoping to be there!
  • I understand that we are in the envious position of being able to offer a number of advertising opportunities in our magazine and newspaper publications, so if you know of any businesses which offer a service of relevance to the student population, please encourage them to get in touch!

Some related UPSU Media things for your perusal…

p.s....: the things I completely forgot to mention in my official report...

  • Elections! Candidates are now announced, and there are some surprises - the two most-popular positions from years past are uncontested this year, and the candidates are a wide-ranging group. The next four weeks will be interesting and fun, no doubt... ;o)
  • Did I mention the shiny new video cameras? ;o)

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