What have photos and jobs got in common?

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Camel - pucker up - by jad0rre on flickr.com I've been skyving from work again, and while I was catching up on some blogs I should read more often but don't, I spotted on Derivadow.com - a blog written by one of the tech bods involved in the BBC's new media projects, e.g. the iPlayer - a post about Flickr's new Places application, which basically gives each place on earth it's own homepage listing photos which have been "Geo-tagged" in that location.

The interesting part for me, apart from a very random camel, was how Derivadow gets so excited about URLs and making good, easy-to-remember web addresses which make sense.

This is something I've been working on for the last couple of days with our new JobShop application to make sure we can maximise the site's ease of navigation, and to make sure we can get the most out of Google's search index of UPSU.net, all of which is really important if the UPSU JobShop is going to remain a primary choice for students seeking work during their degrees in the face of all of the competition out there.

... I was going to give an example of some of the URLs, but even I have limits to how geeky I'm prepared to be...

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