Tentative steps...

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The University's marketing machine seems to be making some tentative forays into the world of Web 2.0 marketing as the start of the academic year looms. The Purple Door bods have a "Facebook flyer" (advert) on Facebook advertising their Purple Door graduate recruitment service:

Purple Door Facebook flyer

Interesting stuff, and clearly they've recognising Facebook's value as a student community portal. I don't - from limited experience - recall seeing University advertising on MySpace or Bebo, for example.

Perhaps the key difference here is that Facebook lets advertisers market only to members of a specific network; in this case, people in the University of Portsmouth network (i.e. people with an @port.ac.uk e-mail address).

One tiny problem though - someone seems to have mis-typed the University's web address - clicking the flyer takes you to a non-existant web address, http://port.ac.uk:

Purple Door Facebook flyer - site not found

Ahh well, mistakes happen :o) Watch this space for some UPSU Facebook flyers... ;o)

/al - eating my words a little...

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