Where are my marks?!

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Once again, I'm complaining about the University - sorry to bang an old drum, but here goes...

For those of us who have had academic issues (or, if you're like me, you've just been a bit too lazy the last year) and have had to take resits during the summer before you can get your final degree mark, you probably already know the marks were decided at a board last Wednesday (or so I'm told).

Now, I'm not an impatient person when it comes to matters about the University - I learnt a long time ago that things just take a long time to happen there, but I don't think I'm being entirely unreasonable to ask that, 5 working days after my exam results were finalised (and weeks after my resits were marked), I still can't find out what mark I got, and whether I've passed my degree or not.

I appreciate the departmental offices are up to their eyeballs in admin work related to outgoing and incoming students, and the department's telephone operator I spoke to on the phone last Friday - who told me the resit results would be on our portals two days ago - sounded so harrassed I felt genuinely sorry for her.

I also understand that the long-awaited (and heavily delayed) move to the University's all-singing, all-dancing, silver bullet Jupiter records system is expected to be a cure-all for the problems surrounding the student portal, among other things.

Once again, it seems, the student portal is the weak link here as, despite being the University's "official"* method of communication with its students, the information it's presenting is the usual combination of out-of-date information and undecipherable anagrams (although I guess I ought to be grateful it's working at all, unlike - for example - this time, this time, this time, this time, and this time. Ahem...!). I mean, what's going on here?!

If you're in the same boat as me, please let me know in the comments thing below. If I hear anything from the University to explain what's going on here, I'll be more than happy to put their views forward as well.

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