A little bit of Steve Jobs in the Sabb office

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I'm almost scared to say this out loud in case I jinx things, but the order was put through to Apple today for four iMacs - woohoo!

Unfortunately, the original spec I put together - 17" machines with some upgrades - wasn't felt to be entirely appropriate for the Union's needs. That's just the way these things go with big companies and purchasing expensive kit, so I'm not too upset that we're not getting what I asked for.

We're getting 24" iMacs, instead - hell yeah!

iMac - 24 inch model vs old iMac (c) mvdlande on flickr.com
A 24" iMac next to an older G3 iMac. Image (c) mvdlande on flickr.com

Ok, so I'm a shameless geek. Get over it - I have. I have to admit, I'm pretty excited about this investment - I really think it's got the potential to have the biggest benefit for UPSU Media next year (and some years to come).

Here's to the next 12 months!



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