Dead forests everywhere

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Surprise surprise; being a Sabb's not the easy life it's cracked up to be: I'm in the middle of trying to type up my meeting notes from the last two-ish weeks, and I've managed to expand three credit card-sized sheets of scribbles into about 500 words. So much for conciseness. There's so much paper on my desk it's starting to resemble an explosion in a stationers...

The last couple of weeks have been a blur of meetings - meetings with the University directorate, An Audience With John Craven (Uni Vice Chancellor. He didn't sing though - shame...), a couple of free* lunches courtesy of the University, Management Development training (which involved us being videod giving a presentation. One definitely NOT going on YouTube), lunch with the Deans of Faculties (a wonderful occasion: (me) "Hi... What do you do?" (them) "I'm the head of and I'm in charge of a million people. What do you do?" (me) "Err... Not really sure yet..."), and then off to Reading University for the day for the NUS to tell us their plans for the coming year, tell us how well they did last year, and ask us what we're planning for the next year (me - "Err... Not really sure yet...").

In all of this, I've also had to deal with having a Real Life (comes complete with realistic Bills and Rent To Pay), and working on my resits which, frankly, sucks - if there's one thing I'd like to wake up without, it's the sense of impending doom cast by the fear of not passing my resits. Still, it wouldn't be "Life" if it wasn't challenging ;o)

If there's one thing I've learnt so far in all this Being A Sabb stuff, it's that I don't know anything (and the things I think I know are wrong, too). I'm not saying I'm an idiot... ok, I am a bit... but as I'm starting to get a wider view of how the Union and the University operates, whole swathes of the things I thought I understood turn out to be completely different; it's like going down a never-ending rabbit warren.

This, of course, is probably stating the bleedin' obvious to anyone who's worked in some form of management at a University or Students' Union. Things like the committee structure of the University, which doesn't look entirely dissimilar to the Royal family tree I expect, are absolutely mind-bogglingly complex, and don't even get me started on etiquette in important meetings (hey, no-one told me it wasn't acceptable to fall asleep...).

Note to self: when in a meeting with the University head sheds, avoiding speaking is the best way not to confirm everyone's suspicions that you're a fool, and never ever start a sentence with, "This is probably completely wrong, but...", because you're right - it *is* wrong. So don't say it... ;o)

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