Setting myself up for a fall? / Where's the info on the Grad Ball?

Just so you know: this page was imported from my old blog. Some pages were rather mangled in the process; my apologies if things don't quite look right.

If you're wondering where the official Grad Ball announcement is... Well, it's kinda my fault that it's late.

The reason it's late is because we don't simply want to give you a list of names and then you have to go off and find out about the acts, so we've been working hard on one of our biggest mini-sites on to date; almost 30 pages of information about the Grad Ball, including videos and photos of all the acts we can find information on, as well as information on tickets, the reserve list, a huge FAQ, more photos, and before we could do any of that we had to build a website to put it all in!

Here's some rumours answered in the meantime...

  • No, So Solid Kru aren't playing (no trainers allowed, you see...),
  • No, The Feeling aren't playing.

... and some facts:

  • (more than) 50: musicians performing at the ball,
  • 11: acts those 50 people make up,
  • 8: hours of music, drinks, food and other entertainment,
  • (at least) 5: bars,
  • 4: venues, including the outside,
  • 2: places to get fresh food on the night,
  • 1: free drink on arrival,
  • (also) 1: Graduation Ball each year, so we're working hard to make it the best ever.

I'm going to get some sleep in a bit, then I'll be carrying on working on the ball site while the rest of you are no doubt catching up on sleep tomorrow morning. I'm accepting donations - Greggs' iced ring doughnuts would be preferred... ;o)

I do hope that, after all this work, people are happy with the line-up and take the time to look around the site and get to know the kind of music each act plays. I'll be just a bit gutted if, after all the work to put a lot of information online, everyone seems to hate it!

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