The Malibu Soundclash is coming to Pompey!

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I've been speaking to the UPEL (Ents) and Malibu Soundclash bods today and it looks like the Union will once again be playing host to the Malibu Soundclash this autumn. Last year's event was a pretty special night, with some really good DJ talent showing off their skills, so I'm definitely looking forward to this year's event.

As part of the build-up to the event, Ents and Marketing Sabbs from across the country are being sent out to Ibiza for a couple of days PR-whoring in September, and I'm one of these lucky bods. I had wanted to be able to send one of our students out, but unfortunately I didn't have time (due to my exams and dissertation) to make sure it would be legal to send an unsuspecting Pompey student out of the country; next year, hopefully.

I'm really looking forward to going, of course - I've always wanted to go to Ibiza - and my last day on the island is my birthday, so I'm planning to have a good one (as much as I can since I'll technically be working... Ahem...). And, as a double bonus (for you readers), if I don't make it back to the UK, you get a shiny new Media & Publications Sabb to take my place! ;o)

I'll make sure we post more information on UPSU as the Malibu Soundclash event draws nearer, including some pretty cool-looking competition prizes. Watch this space for more information... ;o)

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