Ok, so how the hell do I work my degree mark out then? (aka "Yet another thing I can't figure out")

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So I have a vague idea what my course marks are now; although I have resits to do, I know that, if I pass, those marks will be capped at 40% (i.e. a basic pass). As a result, I'm in a position to work out my degree mark.

The only problem is, no-one seems to know exactly *how* to work the bloody thing out.

You see, (and I don't know if this is true for all Universities), there are three methods of calculating a degree mark. The wording on these methods is as cryptic as it is for us mortal chaps to decipher the myriad variations in body language a member of the opposite sex expresses shortly before smacking you in the mouth for upsetting them (although that could just be me...).


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