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I'm not particularly prone to viewing the world with suspicion but, in the last two-ish days, I've been asked by 12 people (yes, I've started counting now...) whether I'm going to the VIP Annual Awards Dinner, tonight. My suspicion has been aroused because their tone has consistently implied that a "no" is most definitely not an option.

What's intriguing is that I know I'm not getting an award - apparently I couldn't even if I'd done something worth writing home about 'cos I work for the Union - so the only other thing I can think my presence might be needed is to wait tables, clean up sick, or act as Fraggy's bitch for the night. Still...

For the record, yes I'm going - any opportunity for a paid-for dinner and drinks isn't something my chubby posterior is going to turn down in a hurry. Hell, I might even have a wash and put on some clean underkeks beforehand... ;o)

On another note, Facebook seems to have some worries about use of its messaging service by... Uhhm, ghosts, maybe?

 you may not send a message without a body


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