A bit of a summery house mix for ya - funky, chunky, rough-round-the-edges house nuts

Just so you know: this page was imported from my old blog. Some pages were rather mangled in the process; my apologies if things don't quite look right.

I haven't done much in the way of recording mixes lately, but I did have a chance to have a play about on the decks last week while I was setting up Lux for Orange Fridays. It's a bit/very (delete as applicable) rough round the edges 'cos I was trying to rush around doing other things at the same time, so if I was grading myself I'd probably rate it somewhere around "could do better".

Hope you enjoy it ;o)

How to listen

If you can see the player below, then all you have to do is click "play":

... or you can right-click and "save as" to download it.


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